About Us

The Iowa City Math Circle is a program to bring together motivated students from elementary to high school to discuss and explore mathematical ideas outside of the classroom.

Summer Math Circle

A series of meetings over the summer to prepare for math competitions.

Iowa City Math Circle Online Community

An online community of math students from all across Iowa.

Math Materials

Four years worth of study materials for math competitions, all available free.

2022 Summer Math Circle

The 2022 Summer Math Circle is a weekly gathering of math students over the summer who want to broaden their mathematical skills and prepare for math competitions.

Our curriculum is targeted for those entering middle school, but anyone is welcome to join. To get the most out of meetings, students should have a basic understanding of Algebra I concepts, as well as be familiar with geometry concepts.

See 2022 Summer Math Circle for more details including the schedule and how to register.

Meet Our Team

All of our instructors love math. Combined, our staff have over three decades of experience with math competitions.

Catherine Xu


Catherine Xu will be a freshman at West High this fall. She is a two-time Mathcounts Nationals qualifier, ranking top 56 in 2021 and 2022, a 2022 JMO qualifier, two-time AIME qualifier, and a recipient of the 2022 Maryam Mirzhakani Award. When not doing math, Catherine enjoys biking and solving puzzles.

Richard Yang


Richard will be a sophomore at West High this fall. Qualifying for Mathcounts Nationals twice as well as taking the AIME three times, Richard enjoys running, games and model rocketry.

Ananth Shyamal

Co-founder, Primary Content Developer, Lead Instructor

Ananth Shyamal will be attending MIT this fall. Some of his math competition highlights include making MathCounts Nationals twice and qualifying for the AIME the last six years. In his free time, Ananth likes to play the violin and basketball.

Divya Shyamal

Co-founder, Primary Content Developer, Lead Instructor

Divya Shyamal will be attending MIT this fall and plans to major in computer science. She is a two-time MathCounts Nationals qualifier, five-time AIME qualifier, has qualified for USAJMO, earned a silver medal in USAMTS, received an Honorable Mention in the MIT Math Prize For Girls Competition, and won a bronze medal in the ensuing olympiad for the top 40 girls in the nation. In addition to math, Divya enjoys playing the violin and coding.

Kevin Yang

Content Developer

Kevin Yang is a four time AIME-qualifier, a 2019 USAJMO qualifier, and a two time MathCounts National qualifier. Kevin is from Cedar Falls, and enjoys golf and robotics besides math.

Amit Bhatt

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