About Us

The Iowa City Math Circle is a program to bring together motivated students from elementary to high school to discuss and explore math and science outside of the classroom.

Curiosity Camps

Daily sessions over the summer for middle schoolers to do hands on STEM activities.

Summer Math/Coding Camp

Two camps this summer. One to introduce beginners to coding, one for AMC/AIME preparation.

Math Materials

Five years worth of study materials for math competitions, all available free.

Iowa City Math Circle

The Iowa City Math Circle is a program of weekly gatherings over the summer
for students who want to broaden their math, science and coding skills
and prepare for competitions.


We are partnering with the Iowa City Public Library to offer weekly sessions aimed at middle schoolers in math, biology, astronomy and chemistry.

In July, we’re planning to offer two camps for AMC 10/AIME preparation and learning coding.

Meet Our Team

Catherine Xu


Catherine Xu will be a junior at West High this fall. She is a 2x Mathcounts Nationals Qualifier, 2x JMO Qualifier, and has qualified for AIME 3x. When not doing math, she enjoys running or solving puzzles.

Flora Zhu

Biology, Coding

Alex Yao


Alex will be a freshman at UIUC this fall. He is enthusiastic about open-source software, robotics, cybersecurity, and more. Alex enjoys programming and playing the clarinet.

Tina Hong

Erin Chen

Erin Chen


Erin is an upcoming sophomore at West High School. She enjoys the subject of math and helping others learn to like the subject. In her free time, she likes to swim, hang out with her friends, and go on long bike rides.

Aiden Zhang


Aiden is a rising sophomore at West High. He enjoys math, chess, cello, running and pretending to be much smarter than he actually is, not necessarily in that order. Batteries not included.

Amit Bhatt


Former Instructors

Reece Yang, Ananth Shyamal, Divya Shyamal, Kevin Yang

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